About Tina 

Watch What Makes Tina Peters a Great Choice for Mesa County as Clerk and Recorder

"Everything I've done the last 32 years in business has prepared me to be a great Clerk"

As Co Owner of Tom Peters Construction for 32 years, Tina Peters has a lifetime of  skills required to be Clerk such as managing large complex budgets and a busy office. Her experience dealing with regulatory agencies, government officials and hiring and training employees and managers with the focus on efficiency and customer service, makes Tina Peters a perfect fit for the Clerk and Recorder's office. Ms. Peters is able to see from the perspective of  not only an employer and administrator but also from the other side of the counter as a customer. "When times on the Western Slope got tough it was innovation that kept our business here while many contractors moved out of the area." says Ms Peters . Her experience is not something you can train for or be an employee under someone else, it is practical, hands on practical economics . "When you are in business, if you don't have good customer service, if you don't manage finances responsibly , you are out of business." she says. That what she hopes to bring to the fortunate citizens of Mesa County if they choose  her to be their next Clerk.

With a love for people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, and a philanthropic heart, Tina desires to give back to the folks of Mesa County so that each and every person feels a special place in our community of worth and appreciation.